Monday, December 3, 2007

Creating Keepsakes January 2008 Issue

I am so inspired by this issue that I have a lot of projects in mind already.

Unfortunately, things changed when I got home. Arrived home past 10pm as I still waited for hubby's bowling tournament to end (I am on coding on Mondays, so its either I wake up early to bring my car or I go with him after office for his Monday bowling). Kurt was still awake when we got home... and he just fell asleep now, a few minutes before I created this post and its 11:43PM right now so definitely no more time to create those layouts.

Anyway, not to lose my momentum and ideas, I'll just post here the pages I want to scraplift, my ideas, photos to use and journaling.

Page 28 - I'm thinking of using the two pictures that I have already developed, size 5R, one photo is Kurt & dada while the other one is Kurt and me, in one occassion so same color range - this is a great way to use the different buttons that I have.

Page 41-43 - I will definitely try this "photo highlights" that Jessica Sprague discussed. Will download the frame and look for photo where I can use this.

Page 45 - I will definitely make a "i predict" layout.

Page 48-50 - I love Becky's sketch this month. I'm thinking of using this for our trip to the US and the template/sketch for my 2008 scrapbook plan which is to create a monthly summary 2-page LO.

Page 53 - I'll definitely try taking pictures in different angle.

Page 69 - I love the multiple pics in one big circle LO. Will definitely try this for another one event LO. This is so good in creating 1-2 page layout of an event with a lot of pictures but is not worth working for as an entire album theme.

Page 111 - I like the simplicity of this LO and I've been thinking if Kurt have some action photos that I can use to create this.

And my favorite, page. 112 - this is in my top list of layout to do. I REALLy must do this layout. I actually even have some journal ideas already.

I haven't finished reading the magazine yet and I already got a lot of inspirations. I think this is the first time that I was this inspired by one issue.

More to this CK!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Christmas card projects-more pics

Here are some pictures of the christmas cards I created:

Hope, I'll be more artistic next time! LOL!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Christmas card projects

I decided to create some cards last night using my very old stash from HOTP. Here is one of the two cards I made.

Materials used: Beige Canson cardstock, green fiber paper-All about scrapbooking, red canson cardstock, paterned paper from HOTP christmas papers. I used the Cuttle Bug christmas embossing folder and MM glitter paint.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I tried some doodling last night and I am quite happy with the results and medyo nabitin pa nga ako. I got an unfinished layout from my project in progress box (a scrapbukan box)and tried doodling there. what i did is really simple actually. i can't wait to take a picture of it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Scrapfest 4

Finally! i was able to attend Scrappin' Moms Scrapfest. I was already a member of scrapbooks-exchange when they started the scrapfest but always, there is a conflict in schedule. This time, my calendar is clear. Initially, I was having thoughts of going as the level of their layouts are so different now. But then I realized, how I would I learn if I do not attend these events. Then I had this fear naman of going there alone, I am shy pa naman. What if nobody seats beside me, or even if my seatmate ako, paano kung di ako kausapin. Good thing, I let go of my fears and decided to go. The Scrapfest was held this time in Max Restaurant in QC. I asked hubby pa for directions on how to go there. I arrived the place a little early and its good because I still got a good parking slot. I was so thankful that the ladies are so friendly. I didn't have a problem of adjusting to them.

When we got the chance to enter the place, we went around muna to the suppliers for some shopping, I just looked around canvassing.

Here are some pics that I got from Pia's webshots album:

_mg_0026 _mg_0027

After that, we had a card making demo.


Had good lunch, syempre, Max eh = )

Then started with our Mini book demo.

_mg_0108 _mg_0109 sf_0125

AFter the demo, there was a scrapbook layout challenge, unfortunately, I was not able to bring a picture for this challenge. Although I already have an idea of a really good picture that I can use for this challenge theme "Shining Moments" kaso I only prepared the day before and I don't have my wedding cd in the office so di ako nakasali. I just went around looking at their works of art.


Then there was the Idol's contest and I am so in awe of their works of art, ang galing!

More pictures can be viewed here.

Congratulations Scrappin' Moms for a successful Scrapfest. I really had fun!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Subscription with

I bought a subscription from of Memory Makers magazine. I want to try this one out most especially now that Iris is part of the Masters. I was surprised when a package arrived the other day, when I opened it up, they gave me 4 free back issue magazines! whipee! thanks!

I actually do get free mags when I subscribed with Emerald early this year but since in, i only ordered online, i was not aware that they also give out free mags too. For sure I won't be renewing na at Emerald, sa na lang = )

Scrapbooks-Exchange egroup

I just completed reading the posting in scrapbooks-exchange egroup, those dated sept. 10 until today and whew! i missed a lot of happenings in the scrapping world. reading it made me want to go get my things now and scrap. unfortunately, i can't yet as i am still here in the office and i have eye infection again because of my contact lens so i cannot stay up late tonight, need to rest my eyes. haay.. i just hope i can go back to scrapbooking again.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Scrapbook rut!

I am definitely on a scrapbook rut! haven't touched any of my things in a month, only scrapbook related thing that i'm doing is reading my magazines and checking out my egroups. If only we did not have an out of town trip this weekend, I would have joined Scrapbukan's 3rd anniversary, I bet it was fun and it would have waken up my blood in scrapbooking. My hope, that i can join the Scrapfest 4! trying to convince my boss and other officemate to go with me =)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Updates on scrapbooking

I created another simple layout the other night. Yet to take a picture of it. I love it but I wished I have used black paper instead of white para mas buhay.

Now, I'm trying to read the new issues of Simple Scrapbooks and Creating Keepsakes. These arrived today from my subscription with Emerald Headway. I'm also not done yet drooling at the albums in Album Shortcuts by Simple Scrapbooks. It's so inspiring that I want to create another mini album about kurt's 1st year. That has been a 2year old project that I've been wanting to do as gift for my sister in the US. She still doesn't have any picture of Kurt and to think Kurt is turning three on October.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Droppin by

I am still alive. Been out of touch for so long as I am sooo busy at work. I am doing a lot of teaching assignments in our office training and I find it more tiring than actual fieldwork as with training, I stay late to study my area for teaching then I still need to be early the next day as we're supposed to be there the entire time even if we're not the first instructor for the day.

Update about scrapbooking, well, the only scrapbook related thing I did the whole time I was gone is to browse my new book/magazine which is Simple Scrapbook's Album Shortcuts. Not even finished reading my Real. Life. Scrapbooking.

Oohh... and I was busy reading Harry Potter book 7 too.. Teehee.. finished this five days after I purchase the book, a bad record for me as I usually completed books 1-6 in one-two days after buying it. No regrets though as I want to postpone the end of my Harry Potter journey.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Real. Life. Scrapbooking.

This book from Simple Scrapbooks arrived yesterday from bookoto. I am not yet done reading the book but this book made me realize my true reason for scrapbooking, that is, to preserve the memories, to tell the story behind the pictures. As I am reading the book, I recalled the scrapbooks I created when I was in high school using non-safe materials. I did not spend time in decorating the page, what I did was just put captions/stories on the pictures and until now, I love looking at them. I am the type of person who wants to remember everything, I remember before that I took all my childhood pictures and arranged it, I remember having pictures in all events during my highschool, college and first few years at work and I remember that I still always love to look at our wedding pictures. I love reminiscing. I love learning about the past. During my grade school days, I remember lying down in the "bangko" in our kitchen while my mom washes the dishes and paulit-ulit nagpapakwento ako sa kanya about her childhood, about their experience of the WWII. Now, I am clearer with my real purpose for scrapbooking. I remember, that in addition to the photos, I have a diary during my highschool and college days and when I fix my things in my hometown, in our house, i still love reading my posts there.

I am very happy for this book, for helping me make this realization. At least now, I won't feel insecure that my layouts are not as good as my co-egroup members. At least now, I know that no matter how simple I created my layout, I know I preserved a memory, I know I documented something that I might forget in the future have I not created a scrapbook LO. My memory is not as sharp as before, so I think I should hurry before I forget the little details, the little things, the everyday happening that makes me happy, things that I want to remember forever and things that I want kurt or any other future children that we might have to know.

Thanks a lot Simple Scrapbooks and to Rebecca Cooper for having this book. I truly love it.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Paper Goodness

Wow! I viewed Paper Goodness and I am really drooling with the new products coming out this summer CHA. I absolutely love Scenic Route and their amazing arrows.

a quickie LO

i was so happy last night. i felt i want to create an LO, opened my laptop, looked for an inspiration and voila! i was able to create an LO for less than 2 hours.

this is a very quick layout and i was so happy because the pps that i used are from my very old stash, which are in 8 1/2 x 11 format. i thought i will never have the chance to use these and i'm so glad i did.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

kurt's 1st birthday album

Posting the pictures I took of the birthday album i created for kurt. I started with this album on February and stopped working on it on 1st week of May. Not totally done yet since pending with some journaling. I'll also be scanning these LOs for better pictures, medyo pangit kuha ko kasi no flash then sa room lang namin.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

my 2006 digital layouts

these are the first few digital layouts i did last year when i was on my paper scrapping break. after these pages, i switched to 5x7 los for easier printing.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

my 2005 US trip - digital layout

simple scrapbooks: beautiful basics

i realized last night that one of my orders from bookoto arrived already. actually, the maids did not inform me about that, i just saw it in our room. i was so excited to read the book and it even has a bonus mini album kit inside.

i started reading last night, went to sleep at 2am and continued reading at lunch time in the office and while waiting for hubby to pick me up.

most of the layouts posted inside the book uses cardstock only, with precise measurements and uses typography, very cathy zielske style. i've been leaning towards simple scrapbooks style as they are really clean and simple. not that i don't like the ck style but i don't think i'm ready to go directly on that style as i am not really a creative person.

i am excited to start with the mini album, it's all about me album, my only dilemma is that i don't have that much photos so i better start taking pictures of myself.

Monday, June 25, 2007

June 12x12 LO in progress

Sharing my LO for the month which is still in progress.

Materials used: Rob and Bob pps, DCWV cardstock, Bazzil monogram, MM paint, big buttons. Pending: journaling. I intend to put the journaling on the left side of the picture. Print it in a plain paper or vellum.

scrapbook update

last night, i was so down because i was not able to accomplish anything scrapbook-related, the whole week (reasons are in my other blog), that I browsed my completed albums. i first viewed my US album, my first digital LOs printed. good thing i created these pages in 5x7 format, at least I did not have any difficulty in printing them. next, i browsed through kurt's first birthday album which i created traditionally. looking at it made me realize na medyo madami naman pala akong nagawa na. that album consists of 15 back to back, so 30 pages in total of 8x8 LOs. i started it end of january and finished substantially on may. i can still add more embellies and journaling but i decided not to put pressure on myself since it's substantially completed anyway. i still haven't taken pictures/scanned it though so i can include it in my gallery. i am hoping to that one day para naman dumami-dami ang accomplishments ko. still thinking if scanner is cheap because if it is, i'll buy one na lang.

another disappointing fact is that i cancelled my registration in last saturday's scrap EB. since i've been busy last week, health suffered that i have to go to the doctor that day and i decided na rin to just spend the weekend with my family para pambawi. i thought din we're going to pangasinan pero siguro nanghinayang din si hubby sa gas expenses and i also told him nga that i need to go to the doctor.

crossing my fingers that tonight, i'll be able to glue together na my 12x12 LO. and oh, that i can finally take pictures of my more than 1 year old other 12x12 LOs.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

May 12x12 LO - Cousins

Sharing the 12x12 LO I made last May for the scrappinmoms May contest.

Francis took this picture last september 2006 and ever since I saw this, I've been wanting to create an LO for this. Materials used: Rob & Bob striped pp, Crafts Express pp for the flowers cut out, DCWV cardstock as photo matt, sequins, blings, Bazzill chipboard (letter C), MM paints, glitter glue, ricrac. Pullout journaling reads:
Oh Kurt...dear Kurt
You have a dozen cousins in my side of the family
Three batches of boys, nine of them in total
After almost fifteen years of dealing with boys
Came the batch of girly girls.
A year came and you were born
I thought that it was unfortunate of you,
To have these three girls as batchmates.
However, I was proven wrong
These three girly girl cousins are so fond of you.
You on the other hand,
Loves showering them with your hugs and kisses.
You enjoy playing with them
Not minding at all that they are girls.
Glad to know, that I was wrong after all...

Still no development

hay... its been a few days since I last touched my scrapbook materials. been so busy with all the trainings in the office that every time i get home, i just go to sleep, or, kurt would still be awake that by the time he goes to sleep i'm sleepy too. tsk..tsk..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Scrapbooking related accomplishments

The layout that I started last week is still incomplete as of today. I have the entire page assembled. All I need to do is to glue them together. I learned this very important lesson in the last 12x12 page I did. From now on, I will complete the page's elements first before I glue them, at least I can still change them until I am confident and pretty sure that I'm done with it. My last LO kasi, I so wanted to baklas it and do it all over again pero syempre sayang ang effort, and I don't think I will be able to accomplish a page if I'll be so perfectionist about it. Sabi nga nila, if you don't have the talent, sometimes, practice and patience helps it develop.

Wish for tonight, that when I get home after my 7pm meeting, I can finally adhere everything. Oh... I have one more thing pending, I still have to do my journaling. I haven't finalized yet whether I'll just handwrite it or I'll print it but I'm aiming for a clean look so I'm leaning towards having it printed.

An accomplishment today, I registered for the scrap EB this saturday, hopefully this time I can accomplish an LO. My intention for the day is to create the LO that I'll submit to the Lasting Impressions' Scenic Route challenge. Again, not really hoping to win but i've been resolving to join challenges to encourage me to scrap. So, in the next few days, my to do's are: search for pictures that i'll use for the challenge considering the Scenic Route's papers. Good luck to me!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A little introduction

A few introductions before I start on this blog. This is my second blog, the first one, talking about my life in general. This one on the other hand will focus on my hobby, scrapbooking. Currently, I'm doing it on the side. Given the fact that I have a demanding job that makes me stay in the office late, I can only scrapbook at night, and that is: (1) if kurt (my son) is already sleeping; (2) i still have plenty of time, like it's only 10pm (latest); (3) i'm in the mood. the first condition is a must. since i am scrapping in our room, kurt has to be sleeping already, otherwise, i can't get my supplies nor attempt to do something without him interrupting. second, i am a slow scrapper, everything takes time. first, i think of which among the 5R pictures I printed I'll scrap, then it takes me a lot of time to decide what papers to use, next, how i'm going to arrange everything in a page. this one takes me longest. choosing a picture can be done in one sitting. then the main paper at times can be decided on that night. but it's only one paper, few more nights are spent on choosing for other coordinating papers to use and it usually goes with how i intend to arrange everything in a page. i usually look at other scrapper's page for inspiration. my default inspiration? ria. i love looking at her pages. after checking all her los and still i can't think of anything I then check pia and iris LOs. if still nothing, i check some more, sometimes going back to my scrapbooking magazines. since i don't scrapbook everynight, usually only once or twice in a week. it takes me long to finish a page. since i went back to scrapbooking this may, i was only able to finish one page and is in progress with another page so i guess that takes me to 1 LO per month. tsk! tsk! tsk!

more intro, so when did i start with this hobby?
i attended a pregnancy convention/conference in 2004 sponsored by Smart Parenting Baby magazine (special mag circulation of Smart Parenting, I think wala na ngayon). it was held in Manila Galleria Suites (can't remember its exact name now), a whole day affair with free hotel lunch and tons of info and prizes. our give away/ souvenir that time is a paper bag full of scrapbooking supplies from All About Scrapbooking (AAS) of NBS and that started it all. I created LOs of my pregnancy test result, first checkup to confirm pregnancy, baby's ultrasound photos, my pregnancy photos and baby showers. i already completed these pages using AAS materials when i found out that there is an egroup dedicated for scrapbooking, scrapbooks-exchange (SE). this egroup then was a break away group from newlyweds@work, created so that discussions will be focused on scrapbooking. i was invited to this then exclusive group when i asked n@w about scrapbooking related questions. roslyn told me about this egroup and there i got invited. the moderator then was leirs and all members are nawies. that's where i learned that the los i created are not really time-safe since i used wrapping papers, ordinary papers, etc. that's where i learned the words acid-free and lignin-free. i was so frustrated about the LOs i created since it was not in page protected albums but i cannot transfer them anymore since i adhered everything directly on the pages.

during that time, the only store that sells true blue scrapbooking materials are Memory Box in Robinsons Galleria and Rustans so I emptied my pocket buying stuff there. i wasn't able to create new pages as i already gave birth then and was so busy being a mommy, my membership then with SE got terminated (there was a policy before that you have to be active otherwise, they'll remove you from the group). after a few months in 2005, i became a member again of SE and hoarded more materials from Memory Box and Smile. Then nun na nauso ang mga online shopping and Sahrie before would let us have our purchases be delivered to her house in the US then she'll charge us na lang for the shipping fee papunta dito sa Pinas. Di pa ko kasali sa nagpapabili nun. I content myself with looking for different papers in NBS, double checking whether it is acid free. My project then was kurt's monthly milestones. I use papers/embellies from AAS and think I finished 6 of it. I stopped scrapbooking again, I have accumulated a lot of stuff already that I don’t know where to store them anymore. Our room is getting smaller and smaller making way for more of kurt’s stuff. I also am having great difficulty in creating Los in our dining room table as it is a round-type with lazy susan in the middle so totally restricted in space, add the fact that it’s so hot in the dining room, I totally gave up. I packed all my scrapbook materials and dumped them in my room in my parent’s house in Batangas. I got sick in 2006, had a pneumonia that forced me to rest in Batangas (to be away from kurt) after being hospitalized. So that one week vacation gave me time to make a few pages of kurt’s milestones album (that included in the 6 completed pages). After that, no more. No scrapping, as much as I want to, I can no longer do that as all my supplies are in Batangas. That’s when I heard about digital scrapping. I realized that I think I’m more into it as I only need my laptop to do it. Then that became my obsession then, I downloaded free kits in the net and created six three 2-page 12x12 layouts, 6 pages in total. That definitely is faster than paper scrapping and easier. I got another stopper, I went to the US for a month so no digiscrapping that time. When I got back, I created my US album using digital and switched to 5x7 this time as I thought it is more practical since I can simply just print this in any photo printers compared to the 12x12 Los that would need special printing. After completing up to my LA trip, still with the East coast trip pending, I have to stop again as I have to go to US for a five-month long assignment. That’s my final stop in digi-scrapping as I cannot bring my personal laptop due to a lot of reasons. While there, I realized that I am in paper-scrapper’s haven. All the scrapbooks stores so nearby, and I can just order online and have it delivered to my apartment. That started me in scrapbook shopping again. I would regularly check on sizzix and joann’s website and bought a lot of suppliers. Realizing now though, I think I was not able to fully take advantage of my chance to do scrapbook shopping, I truly regret it, I could have shopped more stuff, had I known before of twopeasinabox shop. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Fast forward to me going back here in the Philippines, I have just accumulated more scrapbooking stuff that I cannot use, due to lack of storage space, thus prompting me again to sadly bring all my new goodies to Batangas. It even made me think of selling everything, out of desperation. Some time January, hubby bought a new cabinet for kurt’s things and a folding table for me. He bought the table as a Christmas gift to me, so happy that I’ll finally have a scrapping table that I can set up in our room. Then since we have a new cabinet, I transferred all of kurt’s things there then the 2 of 4 drawers in kurt’s old drawer became my scrapbook supplies storage. From January to now, June 18, 2007, I had the following scrapping accomplishments: partially completed kurt’s first birthday 30-pager 8x8 album (pending: journaling), 1 12x12 page and one 12x12 page in progress (pending: journaling). I am actually somehow fulfilled with my accomplishments so far. Now, my current predicament? I think I need to setup my printer (got it free with my laptop then) so I can finally complete my old pages. Even kurt’s milestones pages are not all complete as some pages lack journaling. I already know what to put but I have to print it as I am not totally happy with my handwriting. After setting up the printer, I think everything is good to go. Now, I just need to learn a few more confidence and be active in the scrapbook EBs.

Whew! A very long introduction indeed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

new in blogging... question?

hay.... for whatever reason, i can't seem to add a page element. i searched the help blog and ok it mentioned that i should check whether my URL has the "2" after www, which in my case doesn't have, then an update was sent that if its still not working, it says that "please ensure that you put all JavaScript into JavaScript page elements, instead of directly into your template code". oh my gulay!! i thought i'm not technology/internet illiterate pero i really cannot get what this instruction is asking me to do. whew!!