Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Real. Life. Scrapbooking.

This book from Simple Scrapbooks arrived yesterday from bookoto. I am not yet done reading the book but this book made me realize my true reason for scrapbooking, that is, to preserve the memories, to tell the story behind the pictures. As I am reading the book, I recalled the scrapbooks I created when I was in high school using non-safe materials. I did not spend time in decorating the page, what I did was just put captions/stories on the pictures and until now, I love looking at them. I am the type of person who wants to remember everything, I remember before that I took all my childhood pictures and arranged it, I remember having pictures in all events during my highschool, college and first few years at work and I remember that I still always love to look at our wedding pictures. I love reminiscing. I love learning about the past. During my grade school days, I remember lying down in the "bangko" in our kitchen while my mom washes the dishes and paulit-ulit nagpapakwento ako sa kanya about her childhood, about their experience of the WWII. Now, I am clearer with my real purpose for scrapbooking. I remember, that in addition to the photos, I have a diary during my highschool and college days and when I fix my things in my hometown, in our house, i still love reading my posts there.

I am very happy for this book, for helping me make this realization. At least now, I won't feel insecure that my layouts are not as good as my co-egroup members. At least now, I know that no matter how simple I created my layout, I know I preserved a memory, I know I documented something that I might forget in the future have I not created a scrapbook LO. My memory is not as sharp as before, so I think I should hurry before I forget the little details, the little things, the everyday happening that makes me happy, things that I want to remember forever and things that I want kurt or any other future children that we might have to know.

Thanks a lot Simple Scrapbooks and to Rebecca Cooper for having this book. I truly love it.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Paper Goodness

Wow! I viewed Paper Goodness and I am really drooling with the new products coming out this summer CHA. I absolutely love Scenic Route and their amazing arrows.

a quickie LO

i was so happy last night. i felt i want to create an LO, opened my laptop, looked for an inspiration and voila! i was able to create an LO for less than 2 hours.

this is a very quick layout and i was so happy because the pps that i used are from my very old stash, which are in 8 1/2 x 11 format. i thought i will never have the chance to use these and i'm so glad i did.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

kurt's 1st birthday album

Posting the pictures I took of the birthday album i created for kurt. I started with this album on February and stopped working on it on 1st week of May. Not totally done yet since pending with some journaling. I'll also be scanning these LOs for better pictures, medyo pangit kuha ko kasi no flash then sa room lang namin.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

my 2006 digital layouts

these are the first few digital layouts i did last year when i was on my paper scrapping break. after these pages, i switched to 5x7 los for easier printing.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

my 2005 US trip - digital layout

simple scrapbooks: beautiful basics

i realized last night that one of my orders from bookoto arrived already. actually, the maids did not inform me about that, i just saw it in our room. i was so excited to read the book and it even has a bonus mini album kit inside.

i started reading last night, went to sleep at 2am and continued reading at lunch time in the office and while waiting for hubby to pick me up.

most of the layouts posted inside the book uses cardstock only, with precise measurements and uses typography, very cathy zielske style. i've been leaning towards simple scrapbooks style as they are really clean and simple. not that i don't like the ck style but i don't think i'm ready to go directly on that style as i am not really a creative person.

i am excited to start with the mini album, it's all about me album, my only dilemma is that i don't have that much photos so i better start taking pictures of myself.