Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Subscription with bookoto.com

I bought a subscription from bookoto.com of Memory Makers magazine. I want to try this one out most especially now that Iris is part of the Masters. I was surprised when a package arrived the other day, when I opened it up, they gave me 4 free back issue magazines! whipee! thanks!

I actually do get free mags when I subscribed with Emerald early this year but since in bookoto.com, i only ordered online, i was not aware that they also give out free mags too. For sure I won't be renewing na at Emerald, sa bookoto.com na lang = )

Scrapbooks-Exchange egroup

I just completed reading the posting in scrapbooks-exchange egroup, those dated sept. 10 until today and whew! i missed a lot of happenings in the scrapping world. reading it made me want to go get my things now and scrap. unfortunately, i can't yet as i am still here in the office and i have eye infection again because of my contact lens so i cannot stay up late tonight, need to rest my eyes. haay.. i just hope i can go back to scrapbooking again.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Scrapbook rut!

I am definitely on a scrapbook rut! haven't touched any of my things in a month, only scrapbook related thing that i'm doing is reading my magazines and checking out my egroups. If only we did not have an out of town trip this weekend, I would have joined Scrapbukan's 3rd anniversary, I bet it was fun and it would have waken up my blood in scrapbooking. My hope, that i can join the Scrapfest 4! trying to convince my boss and other officemate to go with me =)