Sunday, February 17, 2008

A birthday gift

I have one big news! I won in a raffle! You see, I have my scrapbook magazines subscription from Bookoto and to celebrate their one year, they decided to pick one lucky customer and give a one year subscription of Digital Scrapbooking magazine. I am actually excited when I learned about it and even more excited when I learned that the draw date will be on my birthday.

So, I forgot na about it then just this morning, biglang naalala ko so I decided to check out their site, no news yet there (I checked just now, my name is there na rin on their site). Then I saw that they have a blog so I checked out the blog. And my surprise when I found out that I won!! as in, there's a picture of Ms. Julie's son holding a paper with my name on it. There was even a video of the draw! I am so happy! I actually shrieked when I saw my name. Grabe!! sarap ng feeling.

Here are the pics of the draw:

How I wish I can also copy the video but I can't. It can be watched here actually.

Thanks! thanks a lot talaga! I am so happy. I am contemplating kasi of going back to digital scrapbooking because of the scrapbooking difficulties I am having as posted here so napakagaling po talaga ng timing nito. A heartfelt thanks to the two lovely owners of Bookoto - Ms. Juliet and Sheryl. Thanks! And Sheryl, sorry I missed your calls this morning. Thanks! thanks!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I've got a friend from Germany!

Wow! as in major wow! this discovery woke me up from my dull, sad browsing of my scrapbooking blog. I am just so sad that I have been so inactive in scrapbooking, that no matter how browsing I do on my co-scrappers blogs, I still can't find the inspiration that I want, I still can't find that push to create a layout. Even if there is already the discussion on going back to doing simple pages, something that is not "contest" worthy for so long as it's from the heart - it still did not inspire me. BUT, I am so surprised that somebody left a comment on my last post here. Upon checking, surprise of all surprises, she is a friend from Germany!! Hi Kwebbel! thanks for visiting my blog! You inspired me to take a photo of all layouts I created but not posted here yet. And thanks for making me your scrapbooker friend from the Philippines. Check out here her blog. I feel so honored to be the one representing Philippines (actually, nakakahiya kasi di naman kagandahan ang aking LOs). Although I can't understand a single word from her blog I am so glad of meeting her, of encountering her. I think it was the inspiration (or rather the pressure) that I need to create a page. Thanks Kwebbel! Nice having you here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I miss scrapbooking

Same post as my other blog.. just copying here as I think, this one is more appropriate for this blog.

Haaay.. I truly miss scrapbooking. It has been ages since I last touched my supplies and I only realize last night when I was about to attempt to scrap that I actually can't scrap anymore (well for now!). One, kurt has taken over the only remaining free space in our bedroom. He decided that he wants to sleep on the floor using a foldable mattress. We're using this mattress before when he was still younger kasi nasisikipan si hubby sa bed namin but when he grew up, he requested that his dada sleep with us sa bed. then just a few weeks ago, i decided to use it kasi nahihirapan na ko matulog opposite them as the little boy is really so likot now. on the first night, i was the one sleeping there but when the little boy found out, inangkin nya BUT gusto nya magkatabi kami. eh super small kaya ang bed na yon! so when he's sleeping na, i just transfer to our bed. such a bliss to have a big space! disadvantage nga lang, wala na ko space to set up my foldable table. and to think i can only scrap when the little boy is sleeping so i really have no other option.

Now my dilemma, will i just pack all my scrap things and bring it home to batangas again for storage (to save space in our kakarampot na space)? or, will i just sell everything away? practicality wise, my mind is telling me to just sell everything. but my heart is telling me that i can still use it once we have our own house na (which earliest can be next year). i already invested a lot for my tools. some of them, i bought pa when i was in the us pero naluluma na papers ko since i don't use them though actually i don't mind using old papers kasi i don't do trendy layouts din naman. iniisip ko rin kasi kaya i want to sell, i can still continue scrapping naman pero digital nga lang. which is what i did when i brought home all my scrapbooking supplies to batangas before. i even have them printed pa. i really don't know what to decide. help!

second reason pa, i am busy studying right now for a certification that i am contemplating to take on june. this is a serious thing like the CPA exams before so i really have to concentrate pero iniisip ko, scrapbooking is my therapy sana, wala nga lang space. ano nga ba?

third, we really need the space that i'll free up once i removed all my scrapbooking supplies.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blogger under review

My other blog: julrandomthoughts, which is my main blog is under review. I cannot publish any post as it is locked. Waahhhh... I really don't know how it happened eh mabuting mamamayan naman ako, I don't even do paid blogging. As in purely sariling kwento ko lang. Haay... I already did what the blogger help asked me kaso I have to open my gmail account to complete the process and I don't have gmail access here in the office. If I don't complete daw the process, my blog will be permanently removed. Waaahhh.... what did I do wrong? all my memories will be gone.