Monday, December 3, 2007

Creating Keepsakes January 2008 Issue

I am so inspired by this issue that I have a lot of projects in mind already.

Unfortunately, things changed when I got home. Arrived home past 10pm as I still waited for hubby's bowling tournament to end (I am on coding on Mondays, so its either I wake up early to bring my car or I go with him after office for his Monday bowling). Kurt was still awake when we got home... and he just fell asleep now, a few minutes before I created this post and its 11:43PM right now so definitely no more time to create those layouts.

Anyway, not to lose my momentum and ideas, I'll just post here the pages I want to scraplift, my ideas, photos to use and journaling.

Page 28 - I'm thinking of using the two pictures that I have already developed, size 5R, one photo is Kurt & dada while the other one is Kurt and me, in one occassion so same color range - this is a great way to use the different buttons that I have.

Page 41-43 - I will definitely try this "photo highlights" that Jessica Sprague discussed. Will download the frame and look for photo where I can use this.

Page 45 - I will definitely make a "i predict" layout.

Page 48-50 - I love Becky's sketch this month. I'm thinking of using this for our trip to the US and the template/sketch for my 2008 scrapbook plan which is to create a monthly summary 2-page LO.

Page 53 - I'll definitely try taking pictures in different angle.

Page 69 - I love the multiple pics in one big circle LO. Will definitely try this for another one event LO. This is so good in creating 1-2 page layout of an event with a lot of pictures but is not worth working for as an entire album theme.

Page 111 - I like the simplicity of this LO and I've been thinking if Kurt have some action photos that I can use to create this.

And my favorite, page. 112 - this is in my top list of layout to do. I REALLy must do this layout. I actually even have some journal ideas already.

I haven't finished reading the magazine yet and I already got a lot of inspirations. I think this is the first time that I was this inspired by one issue.

More to this CK!