Saturday, August 11, 2007

Updates on scrapbooking

I created another simple layout the other night. Yet to take a picture of it. I love it but I wished I have used black paper instead of white para mas buhay.

Now, I'm trying to read the new issues of Simple Scrapbooks and Creating Keepsakes. These arrived today from my subscription with Emerald Headway. I'm also not done yet drooling at the albums in Album Shortcuts by Simple Scrapbooks. It's so inspiring that I want to create another mini album about kurt's 1st year. That has been a 2year old project that I've been wanting to do as gift for my sister in the US. She still doesn't have any picture of Kurt and to think Kurt is turning three on October.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Droppin by

I am still alive. Been out of touch for so long as I am sooo busy at work. I am doing a lot of teaching assignments in our office training and I find it more tiring than actual fieldwork as with training, I stay late to study my area for teaching then I still need to be early the next day as we're supposed to be there the entire time even if we're not the first instructor for the day.

Update about scrapbooking, well, the only scrapbook related thing I did the whole time I was gone is to browse my new book/magazine which is Simple Scrapbook's Album Shortcuts. Not even finished reading my Real. Life. Scrapbooking.

Oohh... and I was busy reading Harry Potter book 7 too.. Teehee.. finished this five days after I purchase the book, a bad record for me as I usually completed books 1-6 in one-two days after buying it. No regrets though as I want to postpone the end of my Harry Potter journey.