Sunday, February 17, 2008

A birthday gift

I have one big news! I won in a raffle! You see, I have my scrapbook magazines subscription from Bookoto and to celebrate their one year, they decided to pick one lucky customer and give a one year subscription of Digital Scrapbooking magazine. I am actually excited when I learned about it and even more excited when I learned that the draw date will be on my birthday.

So, I forgot na about it then just this morning, biglang naalala ko so I decided to check out their site, no news yet there (I checked just now, my name is there na rin on their site). Then I saw that they have a blog so I checked out the blog. And my surprise when I found out that I won!! as in, there's a picture of Ms. Julie's son holding a paper with my name on it. There was even a video of the draw! I am so happy! I actually shrieked when I saw my name. Grabe!! sarap ng feeling.

Here are the pics of the draw:

How I wish I can also copy the video but I can't. It can be watched here actually.

Thanks! thanks a lot talaga! I am so happy. I am contemplating kasi of going back to digital scrapbooking because of the scrapbooking difficulties I am having as posted here so napakagaling po talaga ng timing nito. A heartfelt thanks to the two lovely owners of Bookoto - Ms. Juliet and Sheryl. Thanks! And Sheryl, sorry I missed your calls this morning. Thanks! thanks!


Kwebbel said...

Hi Juliet,
congratulation, lucky girl!
Greetings from Kwebbel

darln said...

hi julie! darlene here. i see from past pictures that you were seated beside my ofc mate during the oct scrapfest. anyway, i'm sure your bday was a happy one, what w/ this great win. i'll link you up ha? happy scrapping!

iris said...

WOW congrats Juliet! Enjoy it! One year yon!

juliet said...

hi kwebbel, darlene and iris,

thanks for congratulating me. i am so looking forward to the first issue of my win. I've decided to again go back (temporarily) to digital scrapbooking, same as in 2006 as with my current situation I really cannot do paper scrapping. Hoping that late this year or early next year, we'll have our house constructed so a space for me.

Servidores said...

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Kwebbel said...

Hi Juliet,
Where are you?
No, new Lo's from you!
I miss you!
Rainy greetings from Germany

Rocks said...

thanks for the vote sis :) fourtwentyone is from our wedding date April 21.

ford said...

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